On July 24, 2010 Christian Sports gathered a group of 73 Men, Women and Children to Tour the new Cowboys stadium as well as play some Flag Football games on the turf at Cowboys Stadium. Enjoy the videos from that event.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this event. From the tailgating, to the tour, to the games everymade made it truly enjoyable.

We will definitely have to do it again!!!

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall...Touchdown

Keirsey freezes Locket and gets around the corner

Marta Slant...First Down!!!

Scott Leblanc...come on now, I can go Deep!!!

Keirsey to LeBlanc...Touchdown. LeBlanc "I Told you So" :)

Scott Leblanc down the Sideline

Alaina can kick...It's Good

Keirsey to Alaina...Touchdown