Christian Sports Classics

Below is a list of some of Christian Sports Greatest Games. Team in Bold won. I realize I left out several. I just can't remember them all.

From the Year 2005

Murphy 20 vs Furler 14 (Fall Comp. Championship)
Burns 28 vs Stacy 35 (Fall Intermediate Championship)
Dittmeir 29 vs Greaves 28 in Overtime (Winter Recreational Championship)

From the Year 2006

Murphy vs Burns (Fall Competitive Championship)
Murphy 21 vs Sutton 24 (Winter Comp. Championship)
Greaves vs Watters (Fall Recreational Championship)

From the Year 2007

Greaves 35 vs Turner 28 (Winter Recreational Championship)
Greaves 28 vs Watters 21 (Fall Recreational SemiFinals)
Greaves 19 vs Big Red 14 (Fall Recreational Championship)
Big Red 20 vs Divine Intervention 12 (Fall Recreational SemiFinals)
Divine Intervention 20 vs Turner 21 OT winner (Winter Recreational Wild Card Round)

From the Year 2008

Big Red 32 vs Divine Intervention 28 (Winter Recreational Championship)

Some not listed are on their way as we have tapes and will have video's up shortly.

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