2012Sutton2012 Christian Sports Winter Upper Recreational Champs (5-6)

The 2012 Winter Upper Recreational Championship matched the the #2 seeded The Reel Deel (7-3) vs the #5 seeded Sutton Squad(5-6). During the regular season, these two teams played twice w/ the Reel Deel winning both in low scoring contests. That was until this championship game redefined a low scoring contest. With the wind blowing, this championship game was a defensive contest and was tied 0-0 at the half. With 20 minutes to go for the championship, both teams were wanting to get some points on the board. However, when the bell sounded, the score at the end of regulation was 0-0. For the 2nd time in Christian Sports Flag Football History, it would take overtime to determine the Upper Rec Champions. Sutton's squad got the ball first in overtime, picked up 10 yards on first down and then did not pick up another yard. The Reel Deel offense picked up 6 yards on first down and nothing on 2nd or 3rd down. On 4th down, The Reel Deel needed 5 yards for the championship. However, Sutton's Squad MVP John Sutton knocked down the pass to secure the first Christian Sports Upper Recreational Championship for Sutton's Squad. It is fitting that this game ended on a defensive stand. Final Score - The Reel Deel 0, Sutton's Squad 1. Congratulations to both squads on a great season!

2012 Winter Upper Recreational Playoff Video
MVP John Sutton discusses his Championship Run