2011Saints2011 Christian Sports Fall Recreational Champs (8-2)

The 2011 Fall Recreational Championship matched the the #1 seeded Saints (8-2) vs the #3 seeded Misguided(7-4). The Saints got the ball first and marched right down the field to take an early 7-0 lead. Late in the first half, Misguided completed a 4th and 15, Girl play for a 35 yard TD catch and a 7-6 lead. The Saints countered by hitting Jessie Blakely on a 60 yard TD and a 14-7 halftime Lead. The second half was a defensive battle until Misguided's Brandon Crutchfield connected on another TD pass and a 15-14 lead w/ 2:00 remaining. Unphased and unafraid, The Saints put together another scoring drive and culminated it by hitting Stephen Patterson for a TD and a 20-15 lead w/ 4 plays left in the game. Brandon Crutchfield tried to mount another drive but was intercepted by Jonathan "I love to catch other QB's passes" Whitt and ended the game w/ the Saints winning their first Christian Sports Championship. Not bad for a team that had 9 of the 12 players that had never played together. Congrats to the Saints.

2011 Fall Recreational Playoff Video