2011Murphy2011 Christian Sports Competitive Winter Champions (9-1)

The 2011 Winter Competitive Championship matched the the #1 seeded Murphy (9-1) vs the #2 seeded Guaranteed(7-3). Guaranteed jumped out to an early 7-0 lead on a 4th down pass from Janna to Chad Pendarves in the corner of the endzone. Team Murphy countered w/ a Deep Post to Nate Taylor for a TD of their own. Both teams scored one more time in the first half ending the half w/ Team Murphy having a 14-13 lead. In the 2nd half Team Murphy got the ball and scored to take the lead 21-13. After exchanging scores again Murphy had a 29-21 lead w/ about 7:00 to play. Guaranteed marched down the field and scored w/ about 4:00 left to cut the lead to 29-27. They went for 2 to tie the game and Cody Burns pulled Jeff Henderson's flag at about the 2 yard line. Team Murphy ran out the clock and the game ended w/ Team Murphy winning 29-27 to win the 2011 Winter Competitive Championship.

Competitive Playoff Video (Winter 2011)