2011Artichokes2011 Christian Sports Upper Rec Winter Champions (8-2)

The 2011 Winter Upper Recreational Championship game matched the #1 seeded Team Murphy (8-2) vs the #2 seeded Artichokes (8-2). The Artichokes got the ball first and promptly marched down the field to take a 7-0 lead. However, they were not done. On Team Murphy's 2nd play from scrimmage, Matt "Yes, I intercepted Stu 6 times this season" Harrelson intercepted a Stu Murphy pass in the end zone and returned it the entire length of the field for the score and a 14-0 lead. Team Murphy responded w/ a score and the teams traded scores back and forth. In the 2nd half Nic Borninski intercepted a pass for Team Murphy that set up a score and Team Murphy took the lead 26-20. The Artichokes high powered offense went back to work and marched down the field to tie the game at 26-26. The game ended regulation w/ a 26-26 tie which set up the first ever Christian Sports Championship Overtime game. In overtime Stu threw two incomplete passes and then threw to one of his favorite targets...Matt Harrelson of the Artichokes. All the Artichokes had to do was pick up one inch to win and they picked up a yard on their first play to win their first ever Christian Sports Flag Football Championship. Congratulations to the Artichokes on their Championship. It's always fun playing you guys and Gals.

Upper Recreational Playoff Video (Winter 2011)
Artichokes/ArdaChamps Team Championship Video Part 1 (Winter 2011)
Artichokes/ArdaChamps Team Championship Video Part 2 (Winter 2011)