2011Sombreros2011 Christian Sports Recreational Winter Champions (9-1)

The 2011 Winter Recreational Championship game matched the #1 seeded Golden Sombrero's vs the #3 seeded Underdawgs. The Golden Sombrero's received the ball first and 4 plays later they were on the board taking a 7-0 lead. Golden Sombrero's offense is good but their defense is just as tough and shut out the Underdawgs in the first half. At halftime Golden Sombrero's held a 13-0 lead. In the second half the Golden Sombreo's added to their lead by connecting on a long td pass to go up 19-0. Late in the game Underdawgs QB Matt Thrasher hit his Nephew Jesse for a score and cut the lead to 19-6. Golden Sombrero's won 19-6 bringing home their first Christian Sports Champions. Congratulations to the Golden Sombrero's.

Recreational Playoff Video (Winter 2011)