2010FreeAgents2010 Christian Sports Recreational Winter Champions (5-6)

Congratulations to the Free Agents (5-6) for winning the 2010 Recreational Championship. After winning 2 games all season, the Free Agents won their first 2 playoff games to make it to the championship game. The championship game matched Jonathan Whitt's Dunder Mifflin (5-5) vs the Free Agents. The game went back and forth with both teams scoring each time they got the ball. With 2:00 remaining in the game, the Free Agents took a 30-28 lead. Dunder Mifflin put together a drive of strategy and skill, marching right down the field and on 3rd down, play 4 they scored to take a 34-30 lead. 3 plays remained. On the first play, Becca "big game" Scott caught a crossing route to get to the ball to the 40 yard line. After an unsuccessful 2nd down, play 6, the Free Agents had one play from the 40. On the last play of the game David "Touchdown" Cooper snagged a 40 yard pass out of the air to give the Free Agents their first championship w/ a 36-34 win in one of the most memorable rec championships in several seasons. Congrats to both squads.

Recreational Playoff Video (Winter 2010)