2010AirUnited2010 Christian Sports Competitive Winter Champions (5-5)

Congratulation to Air United (5-5) for winning the 2010 Winter Competitive Flag Football Championship. All year, many of the games have come down to the final play. The competitive championship was no different.

Air United matched up w/ the previously, unbeaten Overlooked squad coached by Shay Pearl. About half way through the second half the game was tied 20-20. Overlooked drove the ball down the field and scored to take the lead 27-20. Not to be outdone, Air United answered w/ a TD of their own, tying the game at 27-27 w/ just over 3:00 to play. Overlooked, taking their time to take as much time off the clock as possible marched down the field and hit Shanta for a TD to take the lead 33-27 with 17 seconds left on the clock.

That's when Air United started airing it out. First play they hit Jay "Main Man" McWhorter for a 18 yard gain and called timeout w/ 11 seconds left. On Second down they hit Reggie "Mr. April" Jackson for another 20 yard gain to about the 20 yard line. After their final timeout, there were 5 seconds left on the clock. After an unsuccessful girl play, 3 seconds remained on the clock. From the 20, Air United's QB, Jimmie Boyd, hit David Keirsey on a deep slant in the endzone to tie the game at 33-33. Air United successfully converted the extra point to win the 2010 Winter Competitive Championship 34-33. Congratulations to both squads and all the competitive teams on a great season.