2009PullThisCantu2009 Christian Sports Intermediate Fall Champions (8-2-1)

The Intermediate Championship matched up the #1 seeded Game Sharks (8-1-1) vs the # 3 Seeded Defending Champion Pull This. Pull This got off to a good start when Jenn caught a short pass and took it 60 yards for a girl 7 point TD. Game Sharks matched it by hitting LT on a short crossing route that he took to "the house" to cut the lead to 7-6. Late in the first half Game Sharks' Jerry "I know how to score" Hayes scored a TD to tie the game at 13-13. The 2nd half was a defensive half with neither team scoring until the final play. With just over 5 minutes to play, Pull This' Shawn Boggs (MVP) had an incredible interception. They moved the ball down the field. With one second left Pull This called a time out. On 4th and 3, from the three yard line, Shawn Boggs caught a TD pass to give Pull This their 2nd consecutive Intermediate Championship. Final score 19-13. Congratulations to both squads on a great game and a great season.

Intermediate Playoff Video (Fall 2009)

TOP (from left to right): Roy/Gilbert, Jenn/Melanie, Stu Murphy/Shawn Boggs (Championship game MVP)
Not Pictured: Libby, Leesa, Holly, Gus, Mo, Jonathan