2009Furler2009 Christian Sports Fall Competitive Champions (7-3)

The 2009 Fall Competitive Championship Game matched the #1 Seeded Furler Squad (7-3) vs the #3 Seeded 4th and Long. As championship games should be, this game was a great game. Furler took a 14-12 lead at half and expanded it to 27-18 late in the 2nd half. Colver cut it to 27-24 w/ about 3:30 to play. After intercepting a pass 4th and Long moved the ball to the 2 yard line. On 3rd down Aaron "You won't get by me" Cooper sacked 4th and Long's Stacy Turner setting up 4th down and girl play from the 3 yard line. 4th and Long was unsuccessful on 4th down and Ryan Furler's team won the their first Christian Sports Flag Football Championship. Congratulations to both squads on a great game as well as a great season.