2007Crancer2007 Christian Sports Winter Recreational Champions (10-0)

Team Crancer's undefeated squad played Team Turner's 7-3 squad in the Recreational Championship Game. The game was back and forth w/ Team Turner leading 14-13 @ halftime. The second half was an offensive display w/ both teams scoring each time they got the ball. Team Crancer scored on play 5 of 7 to take a 35-28 lead and held onto the lead to bring home the Christian Sports 2007 Winter Recreational Football Championship. Congratulations to Team Crancer and Team Turner on a great season.

Back (left to right) Chris Steward, Sean Blakeney, Noel, Steve Starkey, Stu Murphy, Brad Liles, Gary Felts, and Drew "MVP" Greaves'
Front (Left to Right) Jenn, Becca, Holly Crancer, Kristine