2005Murphy2005 Competitive Football Champions (10-0)

Team Murphy played Ryan Furlers 7-1 team in the Championship Game. Team Furler jumped out to an early 7-0 lead on their opening possession and then promptly picked off a pass and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown and a 14-0 lead. Team Murphy cut the lead to 14-12 by half and then took the lead on the opening drive of the second half to take the lead 20-14. W/ Team Furler driving Derek "interception" Lockett picked off a pass at the one yard line to halt their drive. The game ended w/ Team Murphy (10-0) winning 20-14 in one of the best championship games in recent years. Nice job to both squads.

Guys (left to right) Nate Taylor, Stu Murphy, Jason Gotcher, Jason McKinney, Shawn Lyons, and Derek "interception" Lockett
Girls (Left to Right) Senait Taylor, Stacy Rompf, Jill Bass, and Robyn Ritchie